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Second session of the University Conferences on the European Union and Humanitarian Action organized by IECAH for the Alfonso X el Sabio University

Francesco Antolino

On October 19 we organized the Second Session of the series of University Conferences on the European Union and Humanitarian Action, organized by the IECAH, the Faculty of Social Studies and Applied Languages of the Alfonso X el Sabio University, just a year before Spain assumes the rotating presidency of the European Council of the EU. These conferences have the collaboration of the General Directorate of Cooperation of the State and the European Union of the Community of Madrid.

On this occasion, Camille Nussbaum, executive coordinator of IECAH, and Benjamin Thiberge, responsible for Humanitarian Aid of Ayuda en Acción, intervened and were introduced by Álvaro Bouso, training technician of IECAH.

After the introduction in the first session of the humanitarian role of the EU and the creation of ECHO (European Community Humanitarian Aid Office) as a world reference actor in the international humanitarian system; on this occasion, Camille Nussbaum (IECAH) presented the role of the EU and ECHO in the definition of sectoral policies and explained in more detail three themes: 1) cash transfers as a preferential modality of assistance 2) gender and age mainstreaming to ensure that aid is adapted to different needs 3) and how protection aspects are integrated to take into account people’s rights and the risks they face.

For his part, Benjamin Thiberge (Ayuda en Acción) presented the mandate and work of his organization and illustrated with concrete actions the implementation of ECHO’s sector policies.  In particular, he illustrated how his organization works in contexts as varied as Central America, Venezuela and Ethiopia.

The conference will continue and will conclude with the last session:

Thursday 27/10/2022 at 16:30. The European humanitarian contribution: response to armed conflicts and disaster risk prevention. 

  • Speakers: Jesús A. Núñez Villaverde, co-director of IECAH; and Elisa Paz Cayon, director of the International Program of Plan International.
  • Moderation: Laura Mula, Training and Communication Officer of IECAH.

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