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IECAH organizes the presentation of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS)

The presentation of the revised version of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) was held in Madrid and Barcelona on April 17th and 18th respectively. These events, organized by IECAH in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, La Coordinadora de ONG para el Desarrollo and La Caixa Foundation, brought together experts and professionals of the sector to discuss and reflect on the changes included in this revision. 

Representatives of NGOs, universities, public officers, consulting firms and students met at these events to discuss the process of revising the standard, which required adaptation and updating for the changing international scenario. The possibility of applying the standard not only in emergency situations and humanitarian crises, but also in development programs, advocacy and other fields was discussed, suggesting that the standard can serve as a platform to address a variety of social and governmental issues. 

The importance of an adequate translation of the Core Humanitarian Standard, taking into account the cultural nuances and linguistic variations present in the various communities, was emphasized. This would ensure that the standard is not only understandable, but also culturally relevant and sensitive to the various contexts in which it is applied. 

The adaptability of the standard to local organizations and the crucial role of donors in its widespread recognition were also discussed. Special attention was given to the importance of seeking a sectoral scheme that integrates all the quality mechanisms, in order to strengthen its recognition and application at the global level. 

These launch events reflect the humanitarian community’s commitment and willingness to adapt and continuously improve to respond more effectively to populations affected by crises and emergencies around the world. 

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