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IECAH participates in the Humanitarian Network Partnership Week

Last Thursday, our collaborator Gloria Miranda participated in the Humanitarian Network Partnership Week (HNPW) in the debate “The role of learning and development in the future of humanitarian response”. Through her personal experience as a humanitarian trainer and trainee, Gloria shared her perspective, knowledge and skills acquired throughout her career in the humanitarian sector.   

The session also included the participation of leading experts in the humanitarian field, including Juliet Parker, Director of ALNAP, who provided an overview of emerging trends in learning and development in this crucial field. Zeynep Sanduvac, Nirengi board member and CHS Alliance and Sphere focal point, shared practical experiences and concrete examples of implementing good practices in humanitarian response. Finally, Sophie Nyokaby, Humanitarian and Disaster Risk Management Specialist at RedRUK, provided valuable insights on how to address emerging challenges in humanitarian crisis management.  

HNPW provides a space for humanitarian networks and partnerships to meet and address key issues in the humanitarian field. As one of the largest humanitarian events of its kind, it brings together participants from the UN, NGOs, Member States, the private sector, academia and more to discuss and resolve common challenges in humanitarian affairs. During the event, networks and partnerships hold their annual meetings and consultations, share their expertise and collaborate on best practices to address shared problems. In addition to the aforementioned associations, the day was also attended by bioforce, DisasterReady, GroupeURD, Humanitarian Leadership Academy, Humentum and INTRAC with which IECAH created the Training Providers Forum a network of European training organisations who discuss ways to improve training for professionals and capacity building.  

Access the full session here.  

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