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The IECAH carries out daily monitoring through research of certain aspects of humanitarian action while launching more specific research projects of limited duration. Thus, topics such as the monitoring of Spanish and international humanitarian action, or the future of the various quality initiatives in this sector, are part of the regular work of the Institute while other specific topics are more sporadic.

Featured projects

Humanitarian Action Observatory

The IECAH, in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders, publishes a report on the state of humanitarian action every year. This publication addresses the main trends at a global level but also investigates the main issues related to Spanish humanitarian action.
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Investigation reports

At IECAH we publish numerous research papers in the form of reports and documents on various aspects of humanitarian action and peacebuilding.
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IECAH Notebooks

Series of publications that delve into various aspects of humanitarian action and peacebuilding, prepared by external collaborators.
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