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Webinar | Tools to improve the humanitarian response (FR)



The COVID 19 pandemic has brought many challenges to commitments and mechanisms that humanitarian agencies put in place to ensure quality and accountability of humanitarian work. This session will aim at analysing different tools and approaches that are essential to improving the humanitarian response including accountability to the affected communities, effective training of staff and volunteers and cash-based assistance.


Facilitator: Sandrine Morel, correspondent of the French newspaper Le Monde in Spain.

  • Bonaventure Gbétoho Sokpoh, Senior Advisor on CHS and Outreach at CHS Alliance.
  • Rory Downham, Director of learning and development at Bioforce.
  • Guy Merlin Saint Jean. Technical officer at Alianza Haiti.

When? 13th April | 15.30h-17.30h.

Language: French.




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