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Webinar | Resetting the international humanitarian system: what changes are needed? (EN-ES)



The humanitarian sector has always faced different challenges imposed by the contexts in which it works and has been forced to be constantly evolving. The COVID-19 pandemic has been no exception and has brought a new dimension to existing protection challenges within humanitarian action.

During this session, we will analyse the current situation facing humanitarian action by looking at the different contexts, challenges, and opportunities, some of them within the framework of COVID-19 and others that were already emerging.


Opening: Cristina Muñoz, Director at Alianza.

Facilitator: Francisco Rey Marcos, IECAH’s co-director.

  • Véronique de Geoffroy, Groupe URD Executive Director.
  • Ignacio Packer, ICVA Executive Director. 

When? 6th April | 15.30h-17.30h.

Language: Spanish with live interpretation into English.




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