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Webinar | One year later: what have we learned from COVID-19 in the humanitarian field? (ENG/ESP)



After a year of pandemic, in which humanitarian organisations have faced significant challenges, this session will focus on drawing conclusions on what has been learned over the past year and how some of these issues are changing the international aid system and their implications for the medium and long term.

Through the presentation of short excerpts from the previous sessions and discussion with the invited guests, we will try to draw some conclusions on lessons learned and lessons to be learned.


Facilitator: Alejandro Zurita, CONGDE’s humanitarian action group vocal (to be confirmed).

  • Julia Sanchez, general secretary at Action Aid (to be confirmed).
  • Antonio Donini, researcher at Feinstein International Centre. 

When? 15th April | 15.30h-17.30h.

Language: Spanish, with live interpretation into English.




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