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Meeting of European Humanitarian Think Tanks in Berlin

On March 2nd, IECAH participated in a meeting with European humanitarian think tanks led by the Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA) in Berlin. This seminar, organized in the framework of the SPreAD Europe project, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, was attended by humanitarian organizations from France, (Groupe URD), Switzerland (HERE), and the Netherlands (KUNO) and Germany (GPPI)). The objective of the session was to identify complementarities and existing synergies among organizations in order to strengthen the humanitarian system in Europe.

In view of our shared analysis that the current humanitarian system is overstretched where humanitarian assistance needs are increasing; populations see their rights unprotected and funding is insufficient. During the meeting, we identified priority and urgent issues, on which IECAH is already working, among them:

The need to reform the Humanitarian Coordination System.

Advancing in the implementation of the Humanitarian Action, Development and Peace nexus.

  • The nexus between humanitarian action, development and peacebuilding cautions from a humanitarian perspective (only in Spanish)
  • Study on the application of the triple nexus in the Venezuelan migration context; webinar presentation of the study.
  • On-going study on the application of the triple nexus in Spanish cooperation.
  • Free course on the components of the triple nexus and its practical application (soon to be launched).

Strengthening localization.

  • Free course on localization of aid (only in Spanish)
  • Conference on humanitarian action. Localization: progress and challenges of a pending agenda (video) (only in Spanish)
  • Webinar on localization and leadership of women’s organizations in the humanitarian response to the COVID-19 (only in Spanish)

Addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

  • Virtual course: Climate change, environmental disasters and forced migrations. (only in Spanish)
  • Course on the environment in the framework of humanitarian action. (only in Spanish)

From IECAH, we consider that being part of a network with our European colleagues, with whom we share mission and working towards its consolidation is essential. These spaces allow us to join efforts, develop future coordination strategies and influence the planning of humanitarian action in Europe.

In fact, this meeting was held at a time when the European Union is redefining its humanitarian action policy, with the organization of the European Humanitarian Forum next week. In these forums, the contribution of the role of humanitarian think tanks to the debates and the drafting of new humanitarian strategies is key. To this end, the network of European humanitarian organizations, VOICE, has already issued a statement to make call and seize this opportunity to strengthen principled humanitarian action that responds to the growing needs of populations.

We would like to thank CHA for hosting this fruitful and needed event that allowed us to continue strengthening ties between our organizations.

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