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Report | ‘Applying the “Triple Nexus”; between Humanitarian, Development, and Peace in the Context of Migration Flows from Venezuela’

This study addresses the challenge of applying the triple nexus approach between humanitarian action, development and peace in the context of Venezuelan migration flows. The magnitude of the Venezuelan migration crisis, as well as the limited prospects of ending it in the near future, have forced the actors involved to rethink how to respond to the situation.

Through surveys and interviews with international and local organizations that serve the Venezuelan migrant population in the region, we reached a series of revealing conclusions regarding the temporal focus of the actions, the coordination between the different actors and the articulation of the three axes of the nexus. As a result of these findings, the report makes some recommendations on issues such as strengthening coordination, coherence and complementarity of actions, strengthening localization, and the development of best practices aimed at the proper implementation of the three components of the triple nexus.

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