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Last session of the University Conferences on the European Union and Humanitarian Action organized by IECAH for the Alfonso X el Sabio University

The University Conference on the European Union and Humanitarian Action concluded on 27 October with the session “The European humanitarian contribution: response to armed conflicts and disaster risk prevention”.

During the first two talks, milestones such as the creation of DG-ECHO and the Lisbon Treaty were highlighted and an analysis of the challenges facing humanitarian action in this framework was carried out. The work and experience of organisations such as Alianza por la Solidaridad – ActionAid and Ayuda en Acción were also used to address issues such as the human rights approach, global justice, and disaster risk reduction.

Jesús A. Núñez Villaverde, co-director of IECAH, and Elisa Paz Cayon, director of the International Program of Plan International, took part in the debate, which was introduced by Laura Mula Gallego, Training and Communication Officer of IECAH.

On this occasion, Jesús A. Núñez addressed the role of the European Union from the perspective of conflict prevention and response, emphasizing its evolution and the current context of international uncertainty, as well as the role of humanitarian actors as force multipliers.

Elisa Paz presented concrete examples of projects carried out by Plan International, focusing on various geographical areas and their environments: Central America and Mexico, Somalia, Niger, and Ukraine. She also emphasized the need for greater advocacy work on the part of actors involved in cooperation and humanitarian action.

Finally, we would like to thank Alfonso X el Sabio University, Alfonso X el Sabio University Foundation (FUAX), and the Directorate General for Cooperation with the State and the European Union for their support in organising this conference.

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