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IECAH successfully completes mapping of health interventions for populations on the move for ECHO 

Julie Ricard

IECAH has recently completed a mapping of health interventions with population on the move carried out by ECHO between January 2018 and January 2023. 

The study, commissioned by ECHO, sought to shed light on the main characteristics of health interventions with population on the move across different geographical areas, including funding sources, types of services provided, delivery methods, strategies, as well as existing gaps in these interventions. 

To carry out this mapping, a team from IECAH analysed 727 project forms to obtain the information collected in the projects. The study was also complemented by interviews and questionnaires with key ECHO staff, both in Brussels headquarters and in the field. 

The analysis allowed conclusions to be drawn on the differences and similarities in these interventions both by geographical regions and by pre- and post-COVID periods. Although the study had a number of limitations in terms of the collection of certain indicators, the main reflections and recommendations offered have proved useful to ECHO staff. 

This project is part of IECAH’s collaboration in the Inspire + Consortium.. This consortium is made up of a number of European organisations, including Groupe URD (France), ODI and DI (United Kingdom) as well as FaireProd

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