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IECAH participates in the IV Course Histories of War and Peace of the University of Valladolid

Universidad de Valladolid

IECAH has participated in the IV Course Histories of War and Peace which took place on November 8 and 9 at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Valladolid.

Organized by the Observatory of African Studies of the University of Valladolid, this course is dedicated to the analysis of armed conflicts and violence throughout time and space from a multidisciplinary approach, although emphasizing the historical perspective.

Under the title “The role of women in conflicts and their resolution (20th and 21st centuries)”, the fourth edition of this course focused on analyzing the role of women in wars, their peace initiatives and subsequent reconstruction, approaching the differentiated impacts that violence has on women and exposing the stereotypes that portray women as passive actors and not as active subjects in both war and peace.

On behalf of IECAH, Victoria Silva, Research Officer of the institute, participated with an inaugural lecture entitled “Women, peace and security: a historical approach”, in which she outlined the main elements that characterize the participation of women in war and peace and the historical development of their institutional incorporation and political and social leadership in them.

The course included several case study presentations that sought to illustrate these ideas and develop specific examples.

From the IECAH we thank the Observatory of African Studies and the University of Valladolid for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in this course and to deal with such a relevant and necessary topic at the present time.

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