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IECAH participates again in the Master of Intercultural Conflict Management of the Alice Solomon University in Berlin

Alfredo Langa Herrero

Alicia Daza and Victoria Silva, researchers of IECAH, taught two sessions in the Master of Intercultural Conflict Management of the Alice Solomon University in Berlin on May 22nd and 23rd.

The sessions took place in the framework of the subject “Power relations, hegemony and inequality” and sought to bring a feminist perspective to inequality in the international arena. In the first session, Victoria Silva addressed the intertwining between communication, power and inequality at the international level, focusing on the power of communication to create but also to challenge existing inequalities and on the specific role of women in communication and its use to challenge gender/sexist barriers. In the second session, Alicia Daza analyzed the current humanitarian system and its multiple contradictions, emphasizing how a feminist approach to humanitarian action would produce a differential change in the way we understand and practice humanitarian action.

The sessions produced a fruitful exchange with the students thanks to their national, ethnic, and professional diversity induced interesting reflections, and their involvement and participation in the sessions.

This teaching exchange was made possible thanks to the Erasmus+ program and the organizational support of the faculty, in particular Alfredo Langa, professor of the course and member of the IECAH board of directors, and Irene Gropp, director of the international relations office.

“Participating in this exchange has been an enriching experience in every way. For me, it has been a great challenge and motivation at the same time. Sharing the complexities of practicing communication beyond what we see at first glance and reflecting on the power of communication has been a very interesting exercise. The exchange of opinions and visions with the students has generated new concerns and questions to be answered. I am very grateful to Alice Salomon University, and to Alfredo and Irene in particular for this opportunity” – Victoria Silva, Research and Project Officer.

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