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IECAH successfully completes study on medical and food supply procurement and quality assurance for DG ECHO   

IECAH has recently completed a study on the procurement of medical supplies by ECHO partners and how to ensure their quality in an environment of growing humanitarian needs and increased difficulty for the provision of medical supplies. The study has been carried out between January and June 2024.  

The objective of the study is to understand what practices and procedures are in place to ensure the supply and quality of medical products by ECHO’s partners and how an optimal balance between timely, cost-effectiveness and quality of supplies can be achieved. To this end, an extensive questionnaire was conducted among ECHO partners as well as in-depth interviews with some specific partners that shed light on the practices and challenges that they face.  

In addition, research was also carried out in relation to other major global health donors with regard to their best practices on procurement of medical supplies and quality assurance of medical supplies in order to extract good practices that could be of use to ECHO. Finally, the information gathered through the different research methods allowed the formulation of a series of recommendations for DG ECHO on how to improve the provision of medical supplies to its partners while ensuring the highest quality of supplies.  

This project is part of IECAH’s collaboration in the Inspire+ Consortium. This consortium is made up of several European organisations, including Groupe URD (France), ODI and DI (Reino Unido) y FaireProd

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