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Camille Nussbaum participates in the roundtable «Heritage and Humanitarian Collaboration in Emergency Response» at the Victoria and Albert Museum

This roundtable, organised by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, aims to open a debate on bridging the gap between the heritage and humanitarian sectors in crises. The event will address how the cultural and humanitarian sectors engage in emergency response activities, as well as the routes – and obstacles – to better integration between our fields.


  • Laura Searson, Cultural Heritage Preservation Lead, V&A (Host)
  • Aparna Tandon, Senior Programme Leader, First Aid and Resilience for Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis, ICCROM
  • Camille Nussbaum, Executive Coordinator, Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action
  • Vanessa Fraga Prol, Programme Manager, Cultural Emergency Response (CER)
  • Nadia Hashimi, CEO of Sayed & Nadia Consultancy (former World Bank Employee).

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