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Camille Nussbaum facilitates an internal seminar for the Food Assistance Committee

The annual meeting of the Food Assistance Committee (FAC) took place on Friday, September 30 in London. This organization brings together 15 signatory countries as well as the European Union to contribute to global food security and improve the capacity to respond to food emergencies.

Through cooperation and collaboration, the members of the FAC seek to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of food assistance to save lives, reduce hunger and improve the nutritional status of the most vulnerable populations.

Our colleague Camille Nussbaum, Executive Coordinator of the Institute, facilitated an internal seminar to provide to members insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of the FAC. This contribution is one of the tasks led by IECAH as part of the INSPIRE+ Consortium, which provides support to DG ECHO for the development of thematic policies, as well as the organization of courses and events.

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