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Especialisation course | Water, sanitation and hygiene in humanitarian action (e-learning)

OCTOBER 7th – DECEMBER 22nd 2024

 12 weeks | 120 hours

The specialisation course «Water, sanitation and hygiene in humanitarian action» (Emergency Respond WASH Online/ER-WASH-O) aims to provide a specialised, practical and fully virtual training to humanitarian workers. This course is aimed for people interested in specialising in water, sanitation and hygiene in humanitarian action. In the selection process, the previous experience of candidates in the humanitarian field and/or international cooperation or in related sectors will be taken into account*.

The course is designed to cover the most frequent implementation processes in the WASH sector during emergency respond and according to the Manual of Minimum Requirements for Water Interventions, Sanitation and Hygiene in Emergencies of the AECID.


  • Module I: Introduction to Humanitarian Action.
  • Module II: Sanitation in Emergencies.
  • Module III: Promoting Hygiene in Emergencies.
  • Module IV: Water supply in emergency.


Registration fee: 720*€ (620€ with discount)

*If you are part of an NGO and want to enrol 3 or more participants from your Staff, you can access a discounted registration fee of 620,00€ per participant. Please contact us at for more info.

Places are limited. A selection process will be carried out, considering criteria such as: experience, interests and previous knowledge in the field.

All EWASH course participants that choose to take the course will have a guaranteed spot in the practical part. To secure this, the corresponding fee must be paid. This measure is implemented to ensure continuity in training and to facilitate planning for those who wish to deepen their knowledge gained during the course.



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*[ENG] IMPORTANT: this course is entirely online and in English.

 [ESP] IMPORTANTE: se trata de un curso íntegramente online y en inglés.

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