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Virtual course: «Introduction to Humanitarian Action»


3rd-23rd, February 2014


3 weeks

 The virtual course Introduction to Humanitarian Action seeks to familiarize participants with the humanitarian sector. At the end of the training, the participants will have an understanding of the key facets of these sectors of international cooperation:  origins and ethics, legal frameworks, main actors involved and issues encountered in the field.

The course is open to both students and professionals who are interested in understanding the key principles of humanitarian action and the field of international relations and cooperation in general.


The course is split up into four lessons. In order to accommodate participants from different backgrounds, the first lesson focuses on the origins and principles of humanitarian action and how the sector has evolved over the last couple of decades.

The lessons are divided as follows:

  • Lesson 1: Humanitarian Action – Origins and Evolution
  • Lesson 2: Legal Framework of the Humanitarian Action – Aid Based on Rights
  • Lesson 3: The Actors in Humanitarian Action – An Overview
  • Lesson 4: Crosscutting Issues in Humanitarian Action

At the end of each lesson, participants will work on a case study either in groups or individually in order to put their acquired knowledge into practice. Should any questions or doubts arise in the process, participants will benefit from personalized support from IECAH tutors to guide them and resolve any qualms.


The virtual classroom is structured so that the students can independently complete their lessons when it is at their own pace and convenient for their schedule and professional conditions.

In addition to the tree weeks of the course, students can take advantage of two complementary weeks: one week before to familiarize themselves with the platform and one week after the course to complete pending work. The platform is based on the popular Moodle format, which ensures a high degree of participation through forums and practical work. 

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