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Mabel González Bustelo


IECAH Peacebuilding Area Advisor. She is an expert in armed conflicts and organized violence, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding, with experience in international mediation processes in armed and political conflicts. She has been a senior advisor to the Norwegian Center for Conflict Resolution (NOREF, 2016-2021); a Fellow of the Global South Unit for Mediation (Brazil, 2015); and she has worked with Doctors Without Borders and Greenpeace, among others. MLitt in Terrorism Studies from the University of St Andrews. Author of The Real End of the Armed Conflict in Colombia (NOREF-NRC, 2016), Mediation with Non-Conventional Groups: Experiences from Latin America (BRICS Policy Center, 2015); Drug trafficking and organized crime (Icaria, 2014), and numerous publications and essays.