Diego Guerrero Oris

  • Diego Guerrero-Oris has wide-ranging experience working in humanitarian action in conflict and post conflict settings with MSF as well as in election processes with United Nations around the world. He also works as independent consultant specialized in context analysis, security, and monitoring and evaluation. He has an extensive practice in project cycle management, organizational planning and negotiations.
  • Tutor and invited lecturer of the Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation (CIHC)-Fordham University, he also collaborates in other courses, seminars and Masters. He holds a postgraduate degree in “Conflict Resolution and Management Crisis”, and a B.A. in “Geography and History” and “Political Science” (International Relations). Actually work for Oxfam as Context Analysis-Security Advisor.


Contenidos de Diego Guerrero Oris:

Título Published Date
AQIM & Mauritania: Local paradoxes, regional dynamics and global challenges. 06 Febrero 2012